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Welcome to the 9º World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Developing Countries

Dear Colleagues,

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you at the 9th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Developing Countries (WCPMDC) which has been organized by the World Association of Perinatal Medicine every two (even) years in order to address the most important issues of perinatal medicine in developing countries. Although we organize the World Congresses of Perinatal Medicine (WCPM) every two (odd) years (the last 12th WCPM has been held in Madrid, Spain), we believe that problems of perinatal medicine in developing countries deserve special attention and special congress.

Congress is the place where we can learn about the history, analyze the present and look into the future of perinatal medicine. Medicine is developing very rapidly and there is a strong tendency of specialization and subspecialization, which has been often connected with the loss of a more integrated, individual and humane approach toward the health problems of the patients. There is a strong tendency towards a multidisciplinary approach within many fields of medicine nowadays, and such an approach has been introduced by the concept of perinatal medicine many decades ago. This concept has been successfully practiced for many years where obstetricians, maternal and fetal specialists, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, ultrasonographers and many others work together for the benefit of the mothers and children. Unfortunately, in many countries of the world, perinatal societies do not exist; and the separation of perinatal medicine into fetomaternal and neonatal medicine is not as beneficial as it could if these two disciplines were launched together. We have to preserve the concept of perinatal medicine in order to improve perinatal health of pregnant women, their fetuses and newborn children, and I believe that our main task now and in the nearest future is to permanently improve the health of our patients either prenatally or postnatally.

I am sure that the 9th WCPMDC will be a good opportunity to exchange opinions and to make contribution to the improvement of maternal, fetal and neonatal health. I wish to all of you successful and fruitful work for the benefit of our patients, to make this world better place for living for the next generations to come. I hope you as individuals will launch our organization and support our efforts to make small but important improvements in the field of perinatal medicine in developing countries.


Milan Stanojevic

President of WAPM


Greetings from Asunción!!!
It is for me an immense pleasure to invite you to participate of the 9th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Developing Countries to be held in Asunción, Paraguay, from May 4th to 7th of 2016. For the first time on his history, Paraguay will be the host of a World Congress of Medicine, so it will be a challenge to catch up to other global events held in the region or outside. Our project is to discuss with all of you the most current and specific issues of Perinatology and the different aspects related to the overall health of the woman and her newborn. We look forward to leading experts and leaders’ opinion to share with you the recent advances in the field. Asunción, mother of cities, located at the heart of South America, opens its doors and invites you to join us in this significant event.

arnaldo acosta